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500x200 Heading
These Cognac Glasses were made by
me at Paint Shop Pro. They are here for
your use on your web pages. Please do not
add them to any collections. Do NOT direct link to them.
They appear here on a white background, but are transparent
when you save them to your hard drive by right clicking on the
image and "Save as" to your files.

169x228 Candle Ring
168x225 Group Happy Birthday
168x225 Birthday Sign
155x214 Spider Web
155x215 Witch Cat
168x253 Patriotic Lady
177x237 Pink Doll
183x240 Corn
174x238 Harvest Moon
194x229 Happy BD Heart
171x235 Micky Minnie
155x215 Give Thanks

These Cognac Glasses are on black backgrounds.

155x215 Blue Rose Doves
155x215 PinkRose
155x215 Ghoul
155x215 Cute Witch
169x254 Fireworks
155x215 Plumb Cherub
155x215 Flowers-Candle
155x215 Happy Thanksgiving

Graphics by Jepa 2005