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My graphics are free for personal use. Please read the following
for the definition of my "Terms of Use".

What You Can't Do
* You may not offer them in a collection on any website or group.
Please these are my own graphics so let me offer them.

* You may not sell them in any way what so ever.

* You may not modify them by breaking them apart or changing
the colors or distorting them unless otherwise stated on the page.

* You may not use them on adult sites or racial/religious hate sites.

What You Can Do
* You may use them to decorate your website.

* You may make tags, signatures, animation for personal use only.

* You may add sparkles to them or add more graphics to them but they may
not be distorted, taken apart or the colors changed unless otherwise stated.

* If you have any doubts about how you may use them, please email me.

* You may provide a link.

Please make sure you copy and save these graphics to your hard drive.
Please! Do Not Direct-Link to my graphics.